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Girls Guide to Rugby?

Coming to NZ for the rugby world cup 2011?

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So, what are my qualifications for writing this blog?

* I can spell Rugby, and I'm a girl
* I once, briefly, coached a rugby team of 7 or 8 year-old boys
* My husband coached a team ( Shirley Club)
* Buck Shelford is my cousie-bro (for the curious; his grandfather and my mother-in-law were twins)
* I am a one-eyed Cantabrian and an All Blacks supporter
* My younger son played for Shirley, and Canterbury in the lowest grade (before a motor-bike accident)
* I opposed the Springboks playing in NZ and was even arrested in 1981 for protesting
* I'm opinionated and love fun - and these are my best qualifications to write this blog
* AND ... on week one of the virtual rugby group I'm in, I am #19762 out of over 100,000 people competing; week two dropped my position, but now at week 3 I've climbed up to 8,225 out of over 106,000. NOT bad for a girl huh!.

How to pick the best team to follow If you don't have a particular local team to follow during the world cup colours are a great way to choose one.

Find the team whose colours suit YOU best and become their fan. If black makes YOU look cute, follow the All Blacks. If green and gold are your fav' colours well it's the Australian team for you as that's their sporting strip.

When the forwards get into a huddle to fight for the ball the technical term is a scrum. Sometimes the “other team” behave badly when in this pack, (cluster or huddle) and have to be sent to the sin bin.

Learn history: NZ Rugby started in Nelson – it originated in the mid-1800s, in the UK, when some cheeky bloke called William Web-Ellis picked up the ‘foot’ ball and ran with it: or so I believe!

For your information: touch judges never touch anyone, and hookers are not REAL hookers – they are very import in the scrum as it’s their job to ‘hook the ball’ away for the ‘other’ team. When they do that they become happy-hookers, although this is not an official rugby term.

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